G.M Gamma Advocates Strategic Plan, 2021-2023

In March, 2020 the Firm embarked on a nine-months strategic plan development process. The exercise was collaborative and involved the participation of all our stakeholders including our esteemed clients, peers, regulators and the public. The above elaborate process ultimately culminated into the Firm’s Plan for the next three (3) years as contained in G.M Gamma Advocates LLP Strategic Plan, 2021-2023 which was officially launched on 6th January, 2021. This Plan will enable the Firm to take bold initiatives in redefining the business and practice of law, and propel it to greater heights through delivering a unique mix of value for our clients.

Our Strategic Direction

In determining our theory of change for the Firm, we have collectively determined and set out our vision, mission and core values that guide us in achieving our strategic priorities.

Our Vision

To be the legal practice of choice committed to excellence.

Our Mission

To offer legal solutions to our clients in a fulfilling relationship of professional trust and confidence.

Our Strategic priorities

Our strategic direction as outlined in The G.M Gamma Advocates LLP Strategic Plan 2021- 2023 is inter alia anchored on two (2) strategic priorities identified as major areas of strategic focus for the Firm in the next three (3) years, each aligned with our mission and values:

Client Management

We realize that our clients are our greatest asset and strongest business development tool. Our clients are the reason we do what we do. This strategic priority will enable us focus on who our clients are, what they do and how we to best address their legal needs.

Institutional Capacity Development

In order to ensure that G.M Gamma Advocates LLP is performing optimally, we will obtain, improve, and retain the skills, knowledge, tools, equipment, and other resources needed to carry out our core business. We will do this by employing a series of strategies that shall assist in helping us serve our clients better.