Picture of Gad Ouma

Gad Ouma

Managing Partner


Gad Ouma is a holder of a Bachelor of Laws Degree with distinction from Moi University. He also holds a Postgraduate Diploma from the Kenya School of Law and three distinguished academic awards from the School.

Prior to the establishment of G.M. Gamma, Gad Ouma was a Partner at Robson Harris and Company Advocates where he was in charge of the Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Department. Gad has a preference for and is highly competent in Commercial law, Energy law, Litigation and Dispute Resolution. His other areas of practice include Arbitration, Constitutional and Administrative law, Contract law, Corporate law, Employment and Labour law and Taxation law.

Notable Achievements

Legal Advisories

  • Key member of a Team that provided legal advisory services to an electricity generating company in a Wellheads Geothermal Power Generation project worth USD $41 Million.
  • Lead counsel in a Team of lawyers who carried out a comprehensive legal audit of a power utility with regional presence in East Africa with an estimated asset value of KShs. 273 Billion.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution/ Contract

  • Successfully represented a leading power utility in a complex commercial/contractual litigation matter with a value of KShs. 4.7 Billion where the claim arose from the abrupt cancellation of a supply of goods contract against his client.
  • Represented a leading power generating Firm in court in a commercial/construction dispute whose subject value was KShs. 3.2 Billion and relating to breach of contract for the construction of power plants. The matter was successfully settled in favour of his client.

Data Governance

  • Rendered advisory services to banks, insurance companies and government agencies on the Data Protection Act, Access to Information and other laws pertaining to personal information in Kenya. Formulated Policies, structures and guided these clients on compliance with Data Governance legal regimes in Kenya.

Constitutional and Administrative Law

  • Successfully represented a giant power utility in Kenya’s first multi trillion-shilling public interest class action law suit which was not only protracted in court but highly and consistently publicized in the public domain. The suit was characterized as having the potential of causing a national crisis in the energy sector. Through Gad’s efforts and legal acumen, the suit was resolved in favour of his client without any financial and adverse liability imposed on his client.
  • Represented a private transport and logistics company in a Petition challenging the public roads Authority’s exercise of statutory power to levy fines and penalties against alleged errant users of the national roads and highways. Mr. Ouma obtained a favourable judgment for his client in which the statutory powers were found to be unconstitutional, and any levy of such fines and penalties were nullified.

Employment and Labour Law

  • Represented the Board of Directors of a leading parastatal in the Communications sector in which the Board had been restrained by the court in recruiting the Chief Executive. He successfully defended the Board against the claim allowing the parastatal to proceed with the appointment of the Chief Executive.
  • Represented a public regulatory body in the Transport and Shipping sector in which the claimants had sought to permanently prohibit the body from conducting the recruitment process of its Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Ouma successfully obtained a favorable judgment allowing the body to proceed with the recruitment exercise.



  • Kenya School of Law, Postgraduate Diploma
  • Moi University, Bachelor of Law (LLB)


  • World Law Alliance
  • Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
  • Law Society of Kenya
  • East Africa Law Society