Major Olumo

ICT and Digital Strategy

Major is the technological engine of the Firm. His quiet, patient and detail oriented nature ensures the systems he sets up and maintains in the Firm run efficiently, seamlessly, devoid of loss or interruption. He is a celebrated First Class Honours Bachelor of Science Degree holder in Telecommunications from Strathmore University. In addition, he holds a Certificate in Machine Learning and Data Science from Riara University.

He has also been engaged with other global ICT Institutions including;Huawei Technologies Inc,Max Plank Research Institute for Software Systems,CISPA Helmholtz Cybersecurity Research Centre and NEC Labaratory in Heidelberg,Germany;all in different assignments relating to ICT and digitization of systems.At G.M Gamma,we value investments in modern IT infrastructure,adopt use of safe and secure technologies that enables the team communicate with ease and efficiency to the client.Major's work in the firm continues these are ably observed and maintained.